Friday, October 17, 2014


It’s Friday night!  Parrrrrrrttttttyyyyyy, right?

Maybe for most people, but not for me!

I posted this on my Facebook page:

“15.5 mile bike ride after work - butternut squash is in the oven, chicken on the grill and I'm in my flannel PJ's - life is good!”

And, no, it was not tongue in cheek.

I don’t know if there is any correlation between people who party and are on the go versus stay at home type people and weight.

I think there are things about both lifestyles that could make you fat.

For me, I have no desire to head out on a Friday night 95% of the time.  Not even to see a movie at the mall.

It’s getting to that time of year when it gets dark really early here.  So as soon as I got home, I rushed around and Marc and I headed out to bike.

We got home at 5:45 ish and I cut up the butternut squash, threw it in the oven and then headed to the bathroom for a hot shower while Marc put the chicken on the grill.

In just a couple minutes, we will eat – in front of the tv watching “The Voice” that we recorded earlier this week.

Some people would find this mind-numbingly dull I have no doubt.  For me?  It’s my version of an ideal fall Friday night!


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  1. Sounds like heaven- not tongue and cheek either :)