Thursday, October 2, 2014

Taking on Ohio...

We are less then a mile from the Ohio border here, but hadn't crossed into it yet this trip.

Totally worn out from yesterday, we slept in late and tried to decide what the day would hold.  I had some desire to do another hike, but 2 full days of hiking had left me craving something different for today.

We started googling things we could do, and soon found that Ohio is known for its covered bridges.

We thought that sounded interesting, so we looked and found a website that takes you on a self-guided tour of several of the bridges north of here.

So we packed up and decided to check out a few of them.  It was pretty interesting and we traveled from bridge to bridge through rural Ohio.  We jumped out at each stop and took a ton of pics.

For anyone who is interested, I will be uploading the pics in the next few days and will link to an album.

We ended up traveling right up to the north tip of Ohio where the 8th covered bridge on the map was.  It was about 2PM, so we stopped for lunch at a park overlooking Lake Erie.  We let the dogs take a dip in the lake and walked a short stretch of the boardwalk.

From there, we decided not to continue the tour that would have taken us far west and instead headed back.  We have not had a campfire yet this trip and our last night here seemed like it would be the perfect ending to our vacation.  

So we stopped and picked up some firewood and then back to the cabin.  Because it is our last night, we took the dogs down to the beach for the final time.  It was low's 70's, sunny and as still as can be.  So we hung out on the deserted beach for a while relaxing and watching the dogs play and the sailboats out on the water.

We head back to reality tomorrow.  Usually I am ready to head home after being away, but I don't want this trip to end...  

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