Monday, October 13, 2014



I have a hard time giving myself credit a lot of the time.  I always think of things UNdone instead of done, if that makes any sense.

Today Marc asked if I wanted to bike in to our nearest Starbucks and get a coffee as he had some credits on his card he needed to use up.

I agreed.  We got on our bikes and YOWZA!  My legs were shot from the trail ride yesterday.  But I kept going – into a stiff wind – and got loosened up.

We arrived at Starbucks at 10 miles and relaxed and had a coffee.  When we were done Marc asked if I wanted to head home or do a longer ride.

Longer it was.  We rode through the city and then headed to the park.  Our main park lies on top of a large hill so all roads are a steep incline to get to the top where it levels off.  Marc stopped near the bottom and suggested we walk our bikes up.  I told him that I wanted to try riding it.  He was skeptical and said “You know, this is extremely steep – it’s going to take a lot of energy to get up!”

For him it’s nothing.  But for me – even though I’m in good shape – my quads just don’t have the muscle tone needed – when Marc and I ride, even on fairly small hills, he just smokes it and I am left in the dust!

I told him the worst that could happen is I’d have to stop and walk it and he could wait for me at the top.  We went – with him easily moving up the hill.  Me?  Huffing, puffing, quads burning, heart rate sky high!  And then?  I was there!!

“You know what?” I said breathlessly to Marc.  “What?” he replied.  “Your wife fucking ROCKS!” I said without shame.

And guess what guys?  In that moment – I believed it. 

I do rock.  Right now in my life I weigh too much.  I’m pretty much a disaster running wise.  I don’t always make the best food choices.  My house could definitely be cleaner.  I could go on and on about my faults.

All that being said?  I’m doing pretty okay in my life!  Maybe even more then okay.

So, for one moment in time, act like me.  Tell yourself how much you fucking ROCK.  Say it loud.  And mean it. 

And meaning it once?  Maybe that will lead to meaning it more.  I hope so!  Liking yourself is definitely better then hating yourself.  Hell yes.

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