Friday, October 10, 2014

My poor baby boy!!

This week had been pretty good until today!

It started out shitty x100.  And then the topper came at about 2:45 when Marc texted me and said that Archer was in bad shape.  He described his ear as being incredibly swollen and bloody.

I called the vet's and they could get him in, so I flew out of work.  By the time I got home, his ear was completely swollen shut and there was fresh and crusted blood all over.

The diagnosis is a severe hematoma deep in the ear with a extremely bad ear infection in addition!

They had to slice it open and put in a large tube which I have to open and drain twice a day and also I have to slather on a gooey powerful antibiotic.

I cleaned it out once since he is dripping blood all over and he yowled and whined in pain.

I hate hurting my baby!!

Hematomas are common, but ones deep in the ear like this are not and raise the risk of complications.

Please everyone - send healing vibes to my sweet baby boy!!!


  1. Poor thing:(
    Sending love to Archer

  2. Sorry for you two and your baby! Nothing sadder than a sick baby