Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hit the trails…

As planned we got up and around fairly early this morning and headed an hour south of us to bike the Oswego County Recreational Trail

We hike trails all the time – as you guys know - and had hiked this one with the dogs.  It is built on an old railroad bed and I remembered it as being covered in crushed stone.

Uh – I remembered wrong.  We took off and it was definitely a TRAIL.  Extremely rocky, pitted, mud holes, loose dirt, you name it.  I wasn’t enjoying myself, but I thought it might get better.  By 7 miles in I was sick of it.  I was slipping and sliding and scared that I was going to have a wipeout.  We reached part of the trail where there is a large parking area at 10.5 miles and Marc crossed over into the new part of the trail which I saw was a little grassy and I thought might be better riding.  IT. WASN’T. 

I stopped riding a mile in and yelled to Marc who turned around.  It was also 11:40 AM and I hadn’t eaten yet today.  He handed me a Quest bar (AKA – food of the gods) – and I confessed I was NOT having a good time.  Marc asked why I hadn’t told him sooner and said that he, too, was hating it, even though he had brought his mountain bike. 

So he pulled out his phone and said that the next time we reached an intersection we could follow the roads back.  He calculated 15 miles back on the roads – 15 on ROAD versus 10 on trail??!!  NO CONTEST!!

I found myself very tired on the way back – trail biking is apparently a WHOLE different task on the body.  And there were a lot of steep hills.  But compared to slipping and sliding along – yeah.

I’ll stick to roads, thank you very much!

We made it safely to the car, changed our clothes and headed to a local apple orchard where we picked a ton of apples which chowing down on some different varieties to see what we wanted to get.

So, today was another learning experience, and I don’t regret the choice at all.  My worst day as a fit and healthy person is 10X better then my best day as a fat and unhealthy one.

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