Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spinning my wheels….

My plan this weekend was to spin my wheels literally.  I wanted to take the bike out on a nice long ride.  Instead I feel like I’m spinning figuratively – and going nowhere.

The entire weekend has brought the same thing ALL. DAY. LONG.

Mid 40’s, GREY CLOUDS and vacillating between raining, spitting or looking like it’s going to rain.  And, oh yeah – a heavy dose of wind.

I could have ridden, of course.  But I’m trying to do things that involve exercising because I like it and to keep fit instead of as a punishment.  And riding in spitting rain and wind didn’t cut it.

My eating yesterday was off the charts terrible.  And I didn’t give a fuck.  I started to continue that trend today mentally, but fortunately I dug out this healthy recipe I’ve been wanting to try.  With food in the crockpot awaiting us, I feel less tempted to go off the rails.

Archer’s ear is still horrible and cleaning it out 4 times a day while he shakes and screeches in pain is a fucking NIGHTMARE.

I am treading water and trying to keep my head above.  I did manage a 6 mile power walk on the treadmill while watching the 2nd half of the Dolphins game, but the Jen that used to burn hundreds of calories running on a Sunday – she seems like a distant memory – or maybe even a figment of my imagination…


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