Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shades of Grey…

No I’m not talking about that dirty book that a lot of you have read!  I haven’t because I want to keep my mind as it is – as pure as the driven snow Open-mouthed smile

I got up and it was cold, drizzly and GREY.  Like it’s been for DAYS.  It feels like it’s been perpetually just before sundown all day for days.  I don’t live in Seattle for a reason, people!!

I had to start my day cleaning out Archer’s ear.  It’s always a delight to deal with a river of yeast and my baby screaming in pain.

Then it was on to this:


Nothing bad – this is how they wrap me prior to the phonophoresis treatment.

I do think the treatments are working.  Not only does the Achilles feel better, but it’s softer and more “normal” feeling instead of being a hard swollen shell.

I had thought about running today, but it was windy and cold.  So I pussied out and went to our back – and rarely used – stairwell at work.  It’s concrete grey.  The walls, the stairs.  Grey.  Dimly lit.

So for an hour I ran up and down 124 stairs with only my music keeping me company.  Oh, yeah, and the “Poor me” voice in my head.

Nothing tremendously wrong – I mean grey is definitely better then black.

But I could use some light – literally and figuratively.  And that could start with the scale tomorrow, hear that, you rotten bastard???


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