Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winner winner turkey dinner!

We take our victories where we can, right?

Today I am feeling good about some minor victories.

First off, I didn't eat my feelings last night.  Marc is handling the news about his father really well, and Dad is also doing as well - if not better - then we could expect.  He has to be stressed and worried, but ate lunch with Marc and ate really well - a big deal for an elderly man!  Marc checked on him today and he is hanging in there.

I've felt great about the support I've received from you guys - readers of my blog - for your comments about the silliness of my red hair to the seriousness of what we are and will be facing.

Today I received a visit from an old client who just happens to be battling cancer himself.  He is unwaveringly positive, clean and sober, and actively involved in the recovery community.  Seeing him renewed my faith in what I do...

We had a Xmas work outing today at a local restaurant  And while everyone else had burgers and fries, I ordered a salad.  I'll be honest that when those huge burgers and fries came (complete with a side of melted cheese) - well I threw a small mental pity party for myself.  But I know that I would have regretted it afterwards had a eaten a bunch of greasy fries. 

I am doing okay maintaining my weight - too high but maintaining - which is my goal.  I even squeezed into some pants today that have always been a little tight.

And remember that turkey I effed up a couple weeks ago?  Well, I stripped the meat and boiled the carcass the next day and froze everything.  I made it into a turkey soup tonight.  We’re just about to eat and hopefully it tastes good!!


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