Sunday, December 21, 2014



As I continue to evaluate where I stand, I was thinking whether or not today had been a success.  I was looking up definitions and quotes about success.

It seems like people have vastly different ways of defining success.  Some define it as happiness.  Some definitions talk about how well you face adversity.  Some people claim to be a success because they are happy.

So I can use a dry, dictionary definition, but when you’re talking about life, it doesn’t always fit into black and white definitions.

Today I got up and immediately got a new chicken recipe out and got it going in the crockpot.  My plan was to take the dogs out for a walk and run, but it was pretty cold.  I decided I would wait until the afternoon.

Marc went over to check on his father.  I played on the computer but then decided that I should get some cleaning done in preparation for everyone coming over.  That turned into a cleaning frenzy. 

By the time Marc got back I was in the midst of cleaning and when he asked if I was going to work out I told him I was instead going to finish cleaning and then would work out after lunch.

After lunch, it was still cold, but the sun was peeking out, so Marc and I decided to try biking.  We suited up – and went for a 16 mile ride – about all we could take in the cold!

We got home in time for me to warm up while watching the end of the Dolphins game and then we went down to the workout room to lift some weights.

We then ate the chicken with some roasted veggies. 


So was this a successful today?  NOPE.  Because did I mention I also ate 2 cookies today?

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