Friday, December 26, 2014

Deconstructing Xmas!

Well, we made it guys – we’re past Xmas!  So now what?

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be taking time to sit back and evaluate where I stand and where I’m going.

We went to Marc’s sister’s house for Xmas yesterday.  I was worried that his father’s diagnosis would put a damper on the celebrations.  But, happily it did not.  His dad was in extremely good spirits and no one dwelled on the cancer diagnosis – we did talk a little about the upcoming test which will tell us more, but everyone was positive and upbeat about it.

I think we were all just glad that he was here and healthy for this Xmas.  Next year is not promised to any of us so it only makes sense to enjoy it while we can. 

I will have to face the scale at some point, but it wasn’t today.  Have you ever heard of the strategy some people use for quitting smoking?  Where they lock themselves in a room and smoke like crazy until they basically make themselves sick and then they don’t feel like smoking again.

I think I might have done that with sweets!  After the last few days, all I wanted today was healthy food!

I also got out with the dogs and did 12 miles running and walking.  I felt great!

So I feel ready to face the new year with some positive energy.  I hope everyone else out there is feeling optimistic about the future!

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