Sunday, December 28, 2014

What does the future hold?


For those of you that have never met her, I’d like to introduce you to December 2009 Jen.  2009 Jen was huge.  She had to shop online for clothes for the most part because regular stores didn’t carry her size.  She had sleep apnea and her knees hurt.

2009 Jen had a lot of denial going on.  She had a husband who loved her and had convinced herself she was fit because she could take the dogs on a 2 mile walk.  So she was alright, right?

2009 Jen knew she wanted to lose weight, but she had for years – and had done very little to make it happen.

2009 Jen had absolutely no idea how her life was about to change.


Now I want you to meet December 2011 Jen.  Her life had changed a lot in the last 2 years.  She had started eating healthy and losing weight.  December 2011 Jen had not only run her first mile, but had actually raced in a 5K race. 

December 2011 Jen was getting a lot of compliments from people.  It felt good.  She had more energy and had ditched the sleep apnea machine.  She was shopping in not just normal stores, but the normal sections of stores!


And here my friends, is December 2014 Jen.  This Jen has done a lot since 2011.  She hit goal, went through surgery to remove excess skin and has experienced gaining some of her weight back.

She also has run half marathons and has a richer and fuller life then she ever expected.

She still struggles on a daily basis with eating right and exercising and this has surprised her some.  But when she looks back to December 2009 Jen, she sees how far she has come!

As all of us count the few remaining days to 2015, we are plugging in our goals.  For those of you out there who may be in just the beginning of your journey – take a look at how different the Jen pictures are just 5 years apart.

And remember – I am not special or amazing.  I am just a normal chick who made choices to transform her life.  If you start, you can reach your goals, too!  You can look back at your December pics 1, 2, 10 years from now and see how different your life is!!  I didn’t have faith that I could do and yet – here I am! 

I’ve got some weight to lose and some goals to accomplish – join me, will ya?

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