Saturday, December 27, 2014

From the Captain Obvious files...

Putting all the Xmas decorations away is not nearly as enjoyable as putting them up!  But that's what we did today.  I always love getting the house decorated, but re-claiming space in my living room is a relief.  The cats were not as happy to see their hiding space - aka the tree - disappear! 

I am also cleaning space in my head.  I unfortunately had to watch at Xmas as someone who I care about was brought down emotionally by being treated like shit by family for no reason.  I have been thinking about this a lot and I realized - no one should be subjected to that treatment - especially by family.

When I was fat, I let people disrespect me and treat me like crap.  I think part of me felt I deserved it - for being such an embarrasment.  But whether I'm fat or thin, I DON'T deserve it.  Neither does the person I care about.  And, if you are in this situation, you don't either!  So part of my goal for 2015 is to not allow myself to be anyone's doormat!  To be labeled as less than.  And I hope you will stand up for yourself!

In other news I have to share how happy I am about Chakotay.  People who have kids brag on their kids all the time.  I have dogs so I'm gonna brag on them!!

Yesterday I took the dogs running and walking for 12 miles and I worried later that I might have pushed Chakotay too hard.  But this morning he was raring to go.  The mild weather continues so we took a 6 mile walk.  Afterwards we played outside and Chakotay ran around and chased a ball and even brought it back.  "Fetch" has never been one of his strong suits lol!!

For Archer this is no biggie but for my lazy fat boy (which I say with love) - it's a sure sign that he is getting more fit.

So for both of us - we are heading into 2015 in good shape fitness wise.  But we both need to curb our eating!!

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