Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Open up and say ahhhh!

I almost had to eat my virtual words today.  Which would actually be fitting considering how I'm pretty much eating everything else in sight!!!

I said nothing would be unusual this week.  And then I woke up with a start at 2:20 this morning and the power went out.  So I waited and it flashed on and immediately back off.  Marc got up and confirmed that the lights were off all down our street.  So I set my phone to go off at the regular time and envisioned myself coming to work today without having showered and hair in a ponytail.

Fortunately, they restored it about 30 minutes before I had to get up.

I am starting to get into the Xmas spirit and dressed a little festively today and had Marc take my pic in front of the tree.  When he sent me the pics, I was pretty horrified at how terrible I look!


So I guess this serves as both my Xmas and my new "before" pic.  PLEASE let it be a before pic!!

My friend Jess told me today that she is considering that calories don't exist for the rest of this month.  Oh I so WISH that were true!!

BUT I want to end today's post on a couple positive notes - after running 6.40 miles yesterday at about an 8:35 per minute mile, I had almost ZERO pain last night or today.  And since we are expecting a huge storm starting tonight I decided to do another short run today.

I ran only 3 miles, but did it in 24 minutes exactly AND had no pain.  Whoop whoop!  I am feeling optimistic that I can be a real runner again.  Maybe not where I was, but at least my running career isn't over completely!

Marc is at the doctor's with his dad and will be home late.  The thought of pizza and stuffing myself sat in my mind for some time.  We deserve it!  But instead when he gets home there will be homemade tomato soup waiting for him and we'll make wraps with chicken and lots of veggies!

Practice, day 2, accomplished!!!

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