Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Xmas miracle of sorts…

It feels like a miracle.  I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 119.7 – NOT!!!

That really would be a fucking miracle!!!  That number is but a distant memory.

But there was a miracle of sorts today.  First, because of the short week, I had to run two courts today and juggle getting everyone drug tested and conferencing with 2 different groups of people.  And it went more smoothly then I ever could have wished for!

Then, forecasts have been calling for torrential rain and high winds in our area today.  While this is coming - we are promised, it did not happen today.  Instead, come lunch time it was overcast and damp, but around 42 degrees and not raining.

For the second day in a row, I changed and headed out to run.  And run I did.  I was really sore after running a 10K yesterday, but soon loosened up and for the second day in a row, felt great!  I ran 6.58 miles and it was glorious.

When I got back to work, I prepared lunch and thought about how great I felt.

In fact, in just about every freaking aspect of my life right now – except a scale number – I feel so happy and positive.

And then I thought FUCK THE SCALE!  It is a number.  That’s it. 

So, clearly the high of Xmas is getting to me.  And I’ll probably crash afterwards.

But being able to run makes me optimistic that I can burn it off come the new year.

And for now, I just want to enjoy my time with family and not worry about my weight.

So that’s the plan my peeps – how about you?


  1. omg! why worry about the scale if you can run 7 minute miles??!! you can't be fat if you run 7 minute miles! if anything you're a fast little killer and people can't catch people like you! ....merry Christmas Jenn :) you're kick-ass!! glad to see you are slowly recovering. ...i can't wait to see your times once you're fully recovered. scary! ;)

  2. I once ran a 7 minute mile (actually a 6:58 LOL), but right now I'm averaging about a 8:10 MM. Thanks for your support and have a wonderful Christmas!