Monday, December 8, 2014

Dress rehearsal?

I have felt off kilter for a long time now.  From my injuries and physical therapy to being totally off track eating wise I just feel like I don't know who I am anymore.

So this morning I woke up and realized this should be a "normal" week.  I'm done with physical therapy, I am working a full week, and I have no parties or anything else planned that should derail me.

In theory, anyway!!

I was very busy at work this morning and looked out the window shortly before lunch to see filtered sun, very little wind and I was informed by the Weather Channel that the temperature was in the high 20's.

Fat Jen didn't have one of her many excuses to not run outside and we suited up and headed out.  For 6.5 miles.  My pace was slow and the weight I've gained was obvious with every step.  But I ran.  Mr. Achilles offered a little protest but I generally felt pretty good.

I could almost feel myself slowly returning to my new old normal.  Oh yeah - I remember what it's like to be a runner.  Oh yeah - I remember what's it's like to eat a healthy lunch!  Oh yeah - I remember what it's like to feel like a thin person.  Oh yeah - I don't have to throw myself a pity party today.

I can't promise you or myself that this mental reinvigoration will last.  But there is some research to show that when people practice healthy behaviors for some time without committing 100% to a lifestyle change they are more successful then people who suddenly decide to make the change all at once.

And I realized that's what I did in 2010.  I didn't set a deadline.  Instead I made some changes.  Like going from 1-2 Mountain Dews per day to 1-2 per week.  And from almost no exercise to walking a few times per week.

After some time "practicing" I made a full commitment and ended up 225 pounds lighter!

So December, you are a practice month!  And come January I will hopefully ready to be completely back to Thin Jen mode!!

Who wants to practice with me?


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  1. Morning Jen... I love your blog because you are actually talking about me, I can't believe how similar we are , I too am struggling to stay at my first goal weight of 58kgs I am now 63kgs and I am obsessed with losing those 5 kgs but just can't win the internal fight between evil fat Mandie and good thin Mandie. I have decided it only listen to Good thin Mandie and hope I am strong enough to bare the fight.. Hahha