Saturday, December 13, 2014

Just a little change…

Here we are halfway through the month.  I can’t believe we have almost arrived at Christmas.  It will be here and gone before we know it.

In a lot of ways I feel completely and totally in control.  I have 1 gift for Marc that was shipped yesterday, but other then that, all my shopping is done, wrapped and organized. 

My house is pretty clean so there won’t be a lot to do before having everyone over for Xmas Eve.  Yesterday, I bought everything that won’t spoil that I’m going to make for Xmas and Xmas Eve.

Even with my exercise I’m okay.  After a very long day yesterday, I still got my ass downstairs and was running on the treadmill at 6:30 at night!

But then there’s my eating.  It’s the only thing I can’t get under control.  And while I’m okay not LOSING from now until January 1st.  I don’t want to gain a ton, either and that appears to be where I’m headed.  For a few days I’m great and then – well, not so much.

I am aching for a change.  My wonderfully beautiful and talented Aunt Karla posted a pic to Facebook of one of the rooms she decorated in her house for Xmas.  It is gorgeous – like something out of a magazine.  And my Uncle Kevin, who is slightly less beautiful, but just as talented (Winking smile), commented that she should open her own decorating business.  And I jumped on that saying we could start a business together, because I LOVE decorating. 

I allowed myself for a moment to reflect on if I only had the courage to truly do something like that.  To pick up, move south and start a whole new adventure!!  I WISH I was that type of person.  Because I really feel like a need something different in my life.  Part of it is the weather – I keep telling myself that just another week, and we start getting more light.

Could I really be having a mid-life crisis?

So instead I made one little change – one thing that I had the courage to do that is no big whoop to most but to me?


Yes, I went red for the holidays!


  1. I like it. I think it looks pretty!!

  2. You look beautiful! The color suits you.

  3. Thanks so much - thought it might be fun for Xmas!!

  4. The color looks great and suits you beautifully!! Sometimes we need just a little change on the outside to make a big shift on the inside. My mom used to say a new lipstick could change your life!! Enjoy!!