Monday, December 15, 2014

Dear Achilles, Merry Xmas!

My Achilles received a present today – the electrical stimulation unit arrived by priority mail!

As I told you guys I ran/walked with the dogs yesterday for 10 miles, and I was pretty happy to not be in very much pain from it!  I got up in the night and was a bit gimpy, but nothing like in the past. 

But I wasn’t pain free, either, and that is the goal.  I’m hoping that doing the treatment daily will make a huge difference.  

Chakotay was also a bit limpy from the run, but he is great today – Marc even took the boys for a walk earlier and he’s not limping at all tonight!

I received mostly rave reviews from people for the red hair today!  One person even told me that she envied my “out there” style and I am confident she meant it as a compliment.  One woman I work with told me it was terrible as was the dress I was wearing.  **Sigh** you can’t win them all, I guess…

Overall, I am taking all of this as a good sign that the year is ending on some optimistic notes and am hopeful that the news regarding Marc’s dad tomorrow continues this trend.



  1. Your hair looks great and, although I did not see the dress you were wearing, tell the lady at your job she can stuff it!! LOL! Rock on my friend!!

  2. Your negative co-worker must be a VERY unhappy person, probably with a jealous streak too. Are people no longer taught manners? i.e., if you can't say anything nice... Ditto from previous comment--Rock on!

  3. Thanks guys - I found it pretty shockingly rude. But let's just say she's not a person whose fashion sense makes me doubt myself - lol