Friday, February 28, 2014

Losing the battle....

I've been completely out of sorts this week.  I think that now - the end of February - I'm losing the battle to not let this winter get the best of me.  

We had a massive snowstorm again yesterday and it was - 9 Farenheit when I left my house this morning.  I was on the major interstate near my house the other day and I just wanted to keep driving south and not stop.  

Fortunately my weight has been in my "acceptable" range this week, so I don't have that "weighing" on me.  BUT I'm felt anxious and restless and just completely thrown.  Plus I have been CRAVING carby sweets extremely badly.

And then today - I did the absolutely unthinkable.  I went shopping instead of working out at noon.  I am heading down to run on the treadmill in a few minutes but that will not ease the guilt that I am feeling for not doing 2 workouts today.  

I know that this is not normal.  I have exercised everyday since January 1st.  Most of these days twice per day.  If I run the 7 miles I have planned for tonight, I will have run 38 miles this week and will have a little over 285 miles running so far this year. 

In my past life, if I WALKED 2 miles once per week I was thrilled with my success.  But life is different now.  Usually good.  But I still am hard on myself and being cooped up and restless does not help matters.

So I'm taking a DEEEEEEEPPPPPP breath heading into March - hoping for better weather and with it a sense of serenity that is eluding me at present....

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  1. I seriously think that there is a crazy winter "mental funk" going around. It feels almost as physical as a cold, and almost as contagious as well! Congrats for sticking around your acceptable weight!