Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting the stink off....

I ran outside today!  It's the first time in like a month.  Even though it's above freezing, there is SO MUCH snow built up here, as soon as I got out, it was obvious the sidewalks still had hard packed snow and ice on them.  

So I spent my time running up and down side streets.  And the streets?  Well they have huge snowbanks on the sides of the road so all the melting is happening which meant gianormous puddles.  So, I got SOAKED from the knees down.

And you know what?  IT. WAS. GLORIOUS!

I run a lot slower on the treadmill so I was really worried that I've gotten used to that pace and that time my time would suffer.

But even with running through puddles and up and down the streets and dodging cars I averaged 8:06 minutes per mile.  Not too shabby.  A little bit of time lost, but not bad.

So yeah, guys, I think spring might actually arrive.  It gives me hope anyway!  

So get your butt outside - get the stink off - soak in the sunlight if its shining where you are!

And, as a client told me today - whose mother had a sudden stroke last night - appreciate life because you  just never know!


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