Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A lofty athletic goal...

It's funny how things are all relative.  I have been what some people would consider un-American and have not really paid attention to the Olympics.  I have watched hardly any of it.  I have seen some highlights here and there.  It's interesting to me to see some of the people that were expected to do so well not accomplishing what was expected of them and then, on the other hand, to see those that weren't expected to place high kicking ass and taking names.  So you see some people coming in 4th or 5th that are THRILLED and others winning the silver medal that look CRUSHED.

So Marc and I were talking about athletic goals.  It's funny, I can CLEARLY remember shortly before running my first 5K race in September 2011.  My goal was to run the whole thing without any walk breaks.  And not to come in last place.  And when I finished in 35 minutes and change, I was pretty thrilled.

And then last year, I ran my first 1/2 marathon.  And came in 2nd place for females.  And I was so pissed that I couldn't catch that BITCH - errrr.... wonderful runner.... in front of me!!  I didn't exactly feel like I had failed  but I was pretty disappointed in myself.

So I know there are people out there reading who would LOVE to run 5K and just finish.  For me, I will run that 1/2 marathon again in May and hope to come in first.  But I'm not a bit worried about running it and being able to finish.  

Then there are people out there who are serious weight lifters.  I'm pretty happy with where I am right now.  I can lift relatively heavy for my size.  I'm content with pushing myself a little bit, but I don't have any extreme goals like barbell squatting my weight.  To do that, I would have to eat more and probably gain some weight and I'm not only not willing to do that, but I don't have the desire to bulk up.  Not now anyway.

So here's my lofty athletic goal.  It's a goal that many of you out there reading accomplished as a kid.  And you probably don't even think of it as an athletic feat.  But it is something that I wanted to do my entire life and it has always eluded me.  You ready??

Yup - believe it or not, it's the CARTWHEEL!!!

Yup - I've been fat girl my whole life.  Although I did take tap dance for a lot of years and have always been good at swimming - even on the swim team for 1 season - anything that involved me slinging my fat ass into the air?  Nope couldn't happen.

I tried many, many times.  And it would always end up with me a crumpled and humiliated ball on the ground - usually in some form of pain.
I used to watch in envy these cute and small girls who would break into a little cartwheel just for fun without thinking a thing about it.  I always thought a cartwheel was the epitomy of an adorable girly thing to do.  I wanted to do one SO BAD.

So there you have it - as soon as the weather gets warm, I'm going outside.  And I'm going to try to do a cartwheel.  And I may fall on my ass again.  But I hope to master it.  Wish me luck!!!


  1. You did good, girl!!!! You should be VERY PROUD for your accomplishments

    buddha belly

  2. Love your goal....has always been amazing to me!