Tuesday, February 11, 2014


No!  Not that KISS!

 No, not this KISS either!


In addiction recovery, this is an extremely common phrase that they use.  It is a reminder to just take things day by day.  To not get caught in making things complicated.  To just do the right thing and not to use drugs and alcohol.

The same thing is true for weight loss.  I recently saw a post on the weight loss site from someone weighing 280 pounds wondering if her "goal weight" should be 140 or if she should shoot for 130.  


Don't worry about that NOW!  Concentrate on losing the next few pounds!  When you get closer to a healthy weight you can ask that question!

And then the people who get all caught up in macros and protein and wheat belly and cabbage soup diets.  It drives me INSANE.  Just eat less.  Eat good natural food.  Move your ass!

It's really pretty simple!  I mean it's NOT, but it IS - you get me?  

If you're worrying about minute and petty details, you are trying to put focus away from where it belongs.  I had to make small revisions and adjustments here and there but for the most part, I stopped eating so much.  I ate less processed and more natural foods.  And I started exercising.  And it worked.  It was simple but not easy.

Even in maintenance I have to remind myself to keep things simple, because I do sometimes - STUPIDLY - makes things way more complicated then they need to be!

So I would encourage you to just KISS!!!

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