Thursday, February 13, 2014


This is an interesting topic that someone recently brought up on the weight loss site.  The point that she was trying to make is that people find it acceptable to make comments when people get to a certain low weight - remarks like "You're too skinny!  You need to stop losing weight!"  She also made the point that she has been told that she has no "right" to complain about anything to do with her weight once she has gotten to a certain weight, because other people "would kill to be your weight!"

I am not sensitive to this.  I have told my story on here about being in JC Penney and having the employee on the floor - when I couldn't find my size - say to me that I should buy a bigger size and "eat a cookie".  It probably wasn't very professional, but I've told that story to some people that were HORRIFIED and thought I should have been terribly insulted.  I actually found it funny.

Jokingly here at work we call each other "skinny-bitch".  I never took that as an insulting term.  Maybe because I know that I'm not "skinny"?  

But for some people, apparently this term is as offensive as if people called them "fat bitch" when they were heavier.

I do try to be understanding when people roll their eyes at me when I say that I have a few pounds to lose.  Because it is FRESH in my mind - when I weighed over 200 pounds and would hear people talking about being "SOOOOOO fat" at 135 pounds and how they needed to lose 10 pounds - well, I honestly wanted to pound the shit out of them.

So when someone in person, in the comments here or in e-mail is annoyed with me because I'm pissed at weighing 122 when I want to weigh 117 - I totally get it and so I don't get mad about it.  I know exactly how annoying it is to hear someone like me bitching - it doesn't STOP me from bitching, LOL, but I get it.

This is where I struggle - say someone weighed 300 pounds and they are now 180.  And they are 5'4" and they decide they want to stop losing and maintain.  Even though 180 is "technically" too heavy, I would NEVER say to them that they need to continue to lose.  Their doctor might, but I would be like "You lo
st 120 pounds, that's awesome!"  And support their desire to stop.

BUT when someone who is 5'4" expresses a desire to weigh, say 100 pounds?  That also is very unhealthy and I find myself wanting to judge them on this and tell them that it is absolutely unacceptable and they need to change their goal.  

Is it any more "right" to judge someone for being "too thin" then it is to judge them for being "too heavy"?  I continue to struggle mightily with this.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Along these same lines, I'd be curious to hear your commentary on the most recent Biggest Loser winner.