Monday, February 17, 2014

Give me a lift!

I just got this a few days ago, so maybe it's premature for me to be writing about it, but I have immediately fallen in love with it - so I have to post!!

As you guys probably know - one of the hardest things to do fitness wise is a pull up.  It's hard for men, but even harder for women.  I have been able to do chin-ups for a while, only a few at a time.  And I can basically do 1 pull up without assistance.  So, I just bought a Pullup Assist.

So first - why are pull-ups and chin-ups important?  Well, they strengthen just about EVERYTHING.  Your lats, delts, fingers, wrists, biceps, forearms, and your core!!  Plus it gives you that nice V shape that everyone wants!  So I did some reading and am pretty well convinced that being able to do, say 10 pull-ups with assistance is more beneficial then doing 1 unassisted.

The pullup assist is a pretty basic device - it's a strap that you hook on to your chin up bar and then it has 3 resistance bands, an adjustable strap and a foot loop.  It works GREAT!!  With 3 bands you are getting approximately 50 pounds of assistance.  You can remove one band and get 32 pounds of assistance.

I have done both chin-ups and pull ups so far.  While they are still hard for me, I am able to do more and in better form.  This I think will help me train until I can do them on my own!

Here is the device hanging on our chin-up bar.

A nice thick buckle allows you to connect to any bar.

 This metal buckle is adjustable to move the foot strap up and down.

 The foot strap is wide and very comfortable.

 This shows me at the start of the chin-up.

 And then at the top of a pull-up.

Today I did 10 sets of 8 chin-ups for a total of 80.  Previously, I might be able to do 4-5 sets of 4 without assistance.  I am excited to see how much this Pullup Assist helps me improve my muscles!!  So if you want to add pullups and chinups into your workouts, but can't do them unassisted, yet, I highly recommend this!!

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