Saturday, March 1, 2014

Are you screwing with me?

Today's post is a complaint that is NOT a complaint.

 Bear with me, OK?

Did you play video games as a kid?  Did you ever become convinced - CONVINCED - that the computer was cheating because it wasn't possible to keep losing or the computer to have that much good luck?

 Sometimes I feel that way about the scale!  Remember a few weeks ago when the scale was stuck between 120 and 121 and no matter what I did - no matter how well I ate and exercised it just SAT THERE?

 Well let me tell you about this week.  I went to a party last Sunday for the Daytona 500 and ate and ate and ate.  My weight popped up but then dropped down.  But as you know I've been anxious and stressed. Which has led to nervous nibbling and eating some not so healthy things and skipping a workout.

 So I got on the scale this morning sure that my weight was going to be up.  And - bang.  The lowest number I have seen in months!!

 So I'm not complaining! But there's part of me that is CERTAIN that the scale is an artificial intelligence and likes to fuck with my head!!

In all seriousness - our bodies are complex and illogical machines.  All you can do is be on point as much as you can.  Your body won't always respond as you want it to or think it should.  BUT if you ride it out it will ultimately reflect your behavior - good or bad!!

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  1. Mine Fucks with me 3 lbs overnite?.....but did have an eatin day