Thursday, February 27, 2014

Workout DVD reviews...

Marc just did a wonderful and comprehensive review of P90X (all 3 series) vs. Insanity vs. T25.  He has done all the discs in these series and is well qualified to compare and contrast the pros and cons of each series.

So if you've been wondering which series is for you, read on!!

P90X vs.  Insanity vs.  P90X2 vs.  T25 vs.  P90X3


  1. Loved Marks comments.I have done P90x,3 times and Insanity twice. Have not done the others.I myself love DVDs and have hundreds. Insanity is something ya really have to wanna takes a lot out of ya,although I was also doing Chalene Extreme at the same time....ya know me I never overdue it......kinda like someone else I know!

  2. Isfj don't know if it totally fits but I am a Gemini.....which accounts for being so fickle outgoing yet introverted

    1. Don't know why this camd up here was suppose to be underMyers Briggs