Wednesday, February 26, 2014

8 weeks!

You guys remember 8 weeks ago don't you?  Think back.  OH YEAH!  8 weeks ago was January 1st!

What promises did you make to yourself on that day?  Did you promise yourself you were going to lose 10 pounds by today?  Did you commit to organizing your whole home?  Did you say with absolute certainty that you would exercise for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week?  Were you absolutely quitting smoking?

Yes, I know that whether you called them goals or resolutions or lifestyle changes, you made these promises!  So where do you stand?  Have you been completely successful?  Partially?  Not at all?  Did you start off with a BANG and then fizzle out?

Here's the thing - the great thing about making a decision to change your life is that you don't have to have succeeded the first time or the second or the 20th time to be successful NOW!  I watched a clip of some Olympians last night snowboarding and skiing.  The clip showed the athlete's WIPEOUT after WIPEOUT after WIPEOUT in practice.  And then - WHAMO!  A perfect landing!  And then going for the gold medal!

So guess what?  As we close the doors on February, you get to decide what happens from here!  A new start?  A re-commitment?  A change of strategy?

8 weeks from now we'll be entering May.  It will be getting warm (at least it fucking better be!).  Do you want to show off that bikini?  Look great in a one-piece?  Rock a new set of shorts with a sleeveless top?  Be a non-smoker?  Run a summer 5K?

Whatever your goal is, you can do this!  Step back - take a deep breath!  The time is now!  That promise that 2014 was going to be the year that you changed your life?  No matter where you stand today, the rest of 2014 lies out in front of you!  It is an UNWRITTEN blank page!  In 2010, my life changed forever!  What a AMAZING fucking year it was!

Go and get your dreams!!



  1. Oh yes....I did manage to not gain more.6 lbs..but still have the extra surgrey weight....I binged most of the its a miracle,have been binge free for 7 days I feeling back in the drivers seat..also am now able to do light weights and elliptical still only ab work is planks,So am back to tracking just for insurance and daily weighing.It keeps me in check....these are vanity pounds so they are slow to come off...but just those few pounds make a huge difference in clothes.

  2. You got this, Gayle! With all you have been through? You are AMAZING!!!