Sunday, February 16, 2014

By the numbers...

As many of you know, I started this blog in March of 2012 as I was considering having surgery to remove all the excess skin from my weight loss.  I don't even remember why I decided to start the blog.  My guess is that Marc suggested that there might be other people out there interested in hearing about it.  He maintains his own blog ( so maybe that's how it came up?

Anyway, I documented the surgery and its aftermath.  And later, I hit my weight loss goal.  Since then, I've continued blogging about all the stupid things in my life.  I've thought about stopping blogging - after all, I have a pretty boring life.  Who the hell is interested in reading about what my thoughts are on a day to day basis???

I'd like to think of this blog as motivational, even though it's not one of those perky "you can do it" blogs every day.  I post recipes once and a while but it's not a recipe blog.  I post about my battles to maintain my weight loss, but I don't really see this specifically as a weight loss blog anymore.  I talk about my pets, but it's not a dog or cat blog.  I talk a lot about my running, but I wouldn't describe this as a runner's blog.

So what the hell is this all about?  I guess it's the random, unfocused ramblings of a woman who lost some weight and is trying to keep it off.  

At any rate, last night, this blog crossed over into 100,000 hits.  It's pretty shocking to me.  It's shocking that anyone is interested in reading my crap at all.  But to have 100,000 hits?  

So thank you to anyone who has any interest in reading what I have to say and visits here.  I hope that at some time you've gotten something out of this that has helped you in your own journey or in your own life!

And for now, as long as people are continuing to read, I'll continue to write!  And if you find value in it, if I say one thing that helps you change your life like I did?  That makes me very, very happy!

As I type this, there are 2 boys sitting next to me that love me - no matter what I weigh!


  1. WHEW! For a minute, I thought this was your farewell post, and I was so sad! Not that you don't have every right to end this chapter in your life and move on - you absolutely do! I have just really enjoyed living vicariously through you - celebrating every win and sympathizing (and sometimes empathizing) with your lows as well. You are such an inspiration, and I have a feeling you have NO IDEA how many people you support with your blog. THANK YOU!

  2. I totally agree and you would NOT have that many hits if there were not a few of us reading you almost daily and catch up when we miss?? I love you share the good bad and ugly:)

  3. Ok, I'm horrible at not commenting but I generally check this once or twice a week during work when I'm tried of looking at work. I lost 151 lbs and watched you with your surgery. I was approved via insurance for surgery but wanted a family first (I'm 26 weeks today). When I'm ready I'll most likely do surgery. When I read your blog I don't feel as alone with my thoughts. I have similar internal thoughts as you do. I'm sorry I don't comment, I will try better but cannot guarantee with a wee one coming (I get pooped going shopping now when I used to run 5-10 kms 2-4 times a week). I love that you're all over the map with your posts but you are consistently about maintaining the weight you want. It's a lot of work to maintain and it's not easy (I've had a few people say it was easy for me to lose and maintain for a year and a half before pregnant)....ppppfffff!

    Thanks for your posts! :)

    ~Ishbel (3FC's)

  4. I've been reading your blog for maybe a year now after finding it from 3FC. I think the thing that I appreciate the most is how you view weight loss from a counseling/addiction viewpoint, since that's what it really is in most cases. I also appreciate that even though it is an addiction, it still is a choice, and I appreciate that no nonsense, non fluffy type attitude about what choices are going to be made. Keep blogging!