Tuesday, December 10, 2013

To what lengths?

A common phrase we use in addiction treatment is "To what lengths are you willing to go to get better?"  Because addiction recovery is not just about putting down the drink or the drug.  That's the easy part.

 Do you see how that applies to the battle to lose weight?  To what lengths are you willing to go?  What will you give up? What sacrifices will you make?

 Today was cold.  I forgot a shirt to wear for my lunch run.  I have a HUGE list of errands to run.  I wanted with all my heart to say "fuck it" and forget working out during my lunch hour.  I also wanted to eat about 10 of the donut holes that were in the break room.

But I didn't.  I ignored the donut holes and found a shirt and went out and ran in the cold.

There's nothing special or nothing remarkable about this.  It's just the lengths that I'm willing to go to maintain this lifestyle that I established. 

It's totally okay to have weak moments.  It's also okay to sometimes throw your hands up in the air and not make the right decision.  But overall, you need to be willing to sacrifice and work for it.  It's SO hard sometimes. 

I am worried that the anxiety and stress that I'm feeling could partially be from over-training.  Marc is feeling it, too.  So I looked at him tonight and realized that this is December 10th.  We have both worked out ALMOST every single day in 2013.  I mean EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  And most times twice per day.  I literally cannot remember the last time we went a day without working out. 

It's the length that we're willing to go.  Some day one or both of us might not be willing and/or able.  But today?  Yes.

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