Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The day before the night before Christmas

Are you busy, busy, busy being good?

Some of you, like me, will be starting the Christmas celebration with family beginning today.  I want you to remember something I preach about all the time during these celebrations:  What you CHOOSE to eat and HOW MUCH you choose to eat is NO ONE ELSE'S BUSINESS BUT YOURS.

I wish I could count on everyone out there reading having a peaceful and supportive holiday, but I know some of you aren't that lucky.  Aunt Snarky and Uncle Asshole seem to be alive and well in too many families.  Please try your hardest to ignore them

Focus your attention on any kids around.  Support their wonder of the season.  Hug those you don't see enough.  Enjoy every moment for it comes once a year.

Try not to stress over every bite.  Nothing you do these next 2 days is something that can't be undone.

Mitigate the damage if you can.  I just finished a 7 mile treadmill run.  I didn't burn enough calories to make up for what I intend to eat, but I got those endorphins going and I feel great.  Feel great is a good thing!

Remember you are a wonderful, beautiful addition to the world.  Own that with every fiber of your being!

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  1. You are a special person thank you for being so supportive of everyone,I love you upbeat attitude in this journey of self acceptance and change.
    I too have been stuggling with Fat Gayle...I know she wants attention and right now I have TOO much time for her I keep telling her to be a good girl...she only has had one and it was a duzzy by my new standards!
    Have a wonderful holiday with all your loved ones.