Monday, December 30, 2013

A fresh start

Holy crap!  The ads for all the diet programs are in full swing already!  I saw SO MANY ads today for Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and others - it's enough to make your head spin!!

I chose not to go with any formalized program.  But many people use these with success.  I think Weight Watchers meetings are fantastic for some people - especially anyone that doesn't have a ton of support in their personal lives.  That's a wonderful place to go to meet others that "get it".

I am getting ready to put 2013 to bed and head into 2014.  In that respect I spent today crossing things off my infamous "to do" list.  I spent almost the whole day cleaning and organizing.  It feels so good!  It's like shedding the old skin of the past and starting fresh and clean!

For Xmas, we always draw names with my in-laws.  My sister-in-law drew my name this year, and, after seeing my running scrapbook at a party this summer, she got the idea to have my brother-in-law make me a case to hold my running medals.  I haven't hung it yet, but did get it set up and the medals placed in it today!

Pretty cool, huh?


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