Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Goal talk!!

I know that there are a lot of people out there who have decided to forgo the thought of dieting and exercising and want to make a new start in the new year.  After all, we are only 2 weeks away if you can believe that!!

Even though I would not recommend letting it all hang out, so to speak, if that's a choice you are making, that is absolutely within your right!  But let's make sure that when January 1 gets here that you are prepared!

So this means that you don't want to wait until it's here to start thinking about your goals for the new year.

If you were reading my blog last year then you know exactly how I feel about "New Year's Resolutions".  I don't like that term, and most people who make these "resolutions" fail miserably and quickly!  So I prefer to set GOALS for my future.  

It's time to start thinking about your goals right now.  You certainly are under no obligation to start them yet, but research shows that planning these goals and having a start date for them makes it much more likely that you will stick with it.

So what goals do you have starting January 1?  Make sure these goals are attainable!  Also make them short term to start out with.  If you have 100 pounds to lose, don't start out January saying that you are going to lose 100 pounds in the next 6 months.  Instead let's focus on shorter term goals.  What can you do in the month of January to lose 7 pounds?  100 is daunting.  7?  Not so bad!

What other goals do you have?  Being a more involved parent?  Keeping up on housework?  Getting a new job?  Any of these can be broken down into steps.  If you are unhappy with your job, can your goal for January be to create a new resume?  Could it be to apply to 2 places per week?  

The time to think about re-inventing your life is now!  

Share with me some of your goals for 2014!!

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