Saturday, December 21, 2013

Flip the script!!

Grrrrr!  This is not how I visualized the weekend before Xmas going!!  That's for frigging sure!!

Let me tell you what was in the script.  Yesterday I would work all day and then come home with everything done and we would have a nice relaxing evening.  Today we would go in and casually buy the food that I need to make for Xmas Eve with my family and Xmas day with Marc's.  Maybe hit the mall - my shopping is done but with no pressure we'd people watch and look for bargains.  Sunday, I'd go for a run outside since the temps were going to be higher and then relax while hopefully watching my Dolphins kick Buffalo's ass.  

Instead, this is where we stand so far.  Yesterday morning we were advised that a GINORMOUS ice storm was headed our way.  Living through the massive ice storm we had here in 1998 has to be one of the worst few weeks of my life.  So I went to work.  And the storm started.  And I began pacing nervously thinking off all that I had to do this weekend and how it was looking like we were going to be housebound. 

Needless to say I got very little work done.  And, as a bonus, there were tons of holiday goodies lying around.  So I ate a couple of chocolate covered almonds.  Which led to chocolate covered peanuts and a piece of chocolate fudge.

I finally left work early and came home to get Marc.  It was raining and we hurriedly hit the grocery stores to get everything - running around like mad to beat the storm.  Hopefully I didn't forget anything.  Did that make me feel better?  You would think, but instead I got home where I continued to anxiety eat.  And eat, and eat and eat. 

We made it through the night without losing power - if we lose power, we lose our ONLY way to heat AND we lose water.  Today I woke up and an icy mix is coming down and sticking to everything.  Our road is GLARE ice.  At least one person has gone off the road and we've had 2 people stuck trying to turn around in our driveway.  The police scanner is continuously broadcasting accidents and falls.  They are calling for this storm to last until TOMORROW at 11PM with massive ice accumulation.  Losing power seem inevitable.

So I sit here.  Waiting for shit to really hit the fan.


Trying to stay on their feet.

 A view of our road - it is actually much better now then it was this morning!

Poor pine tree!

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