Monday, December 16, 2013

Tis the season...

I once had a friend tell me that I am a waitress' nightmare.  I expect a certain level of service and if I don't get it - well I let my dis-satisfaction be known.  Often loudly.  I don't work in the service industry, but I have in the past.  There's a reason I don't now!

In this journey, I've mentioned that I've taken it upon myself to become a better person in addition to just getting thinner.  In that respect I've made a concerted effort to be just plan NICER to people in general.  I don't always succeed but I am trying.  

In that spirit, twice in the past week I had exceptional service.  Once was at a local department store.  I had a complication with an order I ordered online had delivered to the store.  The woman who assisted me went above and beyond.  She was helpful and funny and solved my problem without drama.  So I called the store later and asked to speak to the manager.  You could tell that the manager was preemptively defensive and was bracing himself for a rant as I began explaining why I was calling.  When he realized that I was calling just to compliment, he instantly got excited and the defensiveness dropped.  He indicated how much he appreciated me calling and said that he would make sure that the employee was recognized for her efforts.

Today, I once again found myself having someone go above and beyond in a service situation.  This was a place where I would find it a NIGHTMARE to work.  But this guy acted like he was loving every single minute of his job.  It certainly made my experience a positive one.

So as soon as I got home, I got on the website and wrote a long and positive e-mail to the company.  Hopefully they will recognize this guy in some way - even just with a recognition letter!

This goal - to be a better, kinder and more understanding person - that will continue into the new year!

Today on my associated Facebook page, I challenged people to give a compliment to a stranger today.  Tis the season, you know.  There are a lot of people struggling this time of year.  What you say could literally change their world - even for a brief moment.  It will make you feel good, too.  So I am challenging you to go out of your way after you read this - GO SAY SOMETHING NICE TO SOMEONE!


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  1. As you know I am a waitress, yes it takes patience to do...and I also am very picky. But there is instant gratification in waiting tables.IE the tips
    Per your advice I to used compliments yesterday in my makes me and the recipient better for it.
    I am awake in anticipation surgery is this morning....also have an interview with Carlos on Fri,