Monday, December 23, 2013

The land of the living

Hope everyone out there is safe and sound and doing well!

We just returned to the land of the living.  Sunday morning at 3 AM - after a full days of ice - the shit hit the fan and our power went out.  

We spent all Sunday and all of last night huddled in our bedroom with a small propane burner with no heat, no lights and no water.  The rest of the house dropped to 50 degrees.  I sank into a depression.

I would like to share with you that I remained upbeat and positive and on track.  However, that would be a nasty lie.

Instead I was miserable, and spent the day eating myself into a food coma.  I also did absolutely no exercise.  And I DIDN'T. FUCKING. CARE.

The power company's website predicted we would get power restored by 11:30PM tomorrow night.  So this morning I was still feeling sorry for myself.  Having spent a night in hell, I was prepared for another full one.  We headed in to get supplies and my crappy eating continued x1,000.

After all this time, you would think that I wouldn't be tempted to be this off plan, but it just shows that Fat Jen remains alive and well within me!  

Our power is back, the house is almost up to temp and I just took what just may be the best shower of my life.  So I feel better.

I am still going to go by my plan - which is to eat however I want tomorrow and Xmas day.  My weight is going to be much higher and I will have work to do come January 1.  

I'm okay with that - until I step on the scale that is!

 Dinner by candlelight last night.

 Poor Chakotay and Archer couldn't even stand up on the ice to do their business.  They were cooped up all day yesterday. 
Today is better!  More slushy and we could walk around.


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