Friday, December 13, 2013

Gaining some serenity and sanity...

I think I am getting some of my sanity back. I slept well last night - not what I would call a SOUND sleep, but a good night's sleep.  The terrible and overwhelming anxiety I was feeling yesterday has taken a welcome vacation today.  

I did have a "talk" with myself last night.  It was a talk about routine and the demanding-ness I have for myself.  Like running.  I'm just resolved that I'm NOT going to make myself miserable by running outside in 10 degree temps with snow on the ground.  Which means I have to either use the treadmill OR do an alternative form of exercise.  So last night I did the treadmill.  I only ran 6 miles.  And I didn't miraculously gain 10 pounds.  Today I ran up and down stairs on my lunch break rather then my scheduled outdoor run.  I'm guessing that won't eliminate my ability to run 10 miles the next time I want to.  

I am hoping that my talk with myself about coming to terms with a need to be flexible is what is giving me some internal peace today.  

So there are 2 weekends left before Xmas.  Next weekend is going to be insane.  So I suggest that you follow my lead and get done this weekend what you can.  Buy anything non-perishable that you can!  Cross those items off your list.  

Take inventory - do you need wrapping paper, tape, bows, etc?  If so, get them this weekend when the stores are still well stocked.  In need of stocking stuffers like candy for the kids?  Ornaments?  Perfect time to get those things is this weekend.  By next weekend the stores will be PACKED and choices will be low.  So get them while the getting is good!

I'm making the rounds this weekend and will get done all that I possibly can.  Xmas will be here and gone before you know it and I'm determined to sit back and enjoy.  I have Xmas music cranked and I'm looking forward to the weekend.  Since I've got most of my stuff done, I don't think I'll want to knock anyone down while shopping this weekend!

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