Tuesday, October 1, 2013

On again off again!

Sooooooo.... I stepped on the scale this morning and VOILA - it read 119.3.  Back into my normal zone.  And guess what?  No trumpets sounded.  A parade didn't come through my bathroom. .  Marc didn't run in and swing me in a circle.  Angels didn't fly out of my ass.  However, Archer walked into the bedroom and deposited a large pile of puke next to the bed, so there's that.  

Ok, I'm being a smart-ass.  Don't get me wrong, I was happy and relieved to see that number on the scale.  It proves that the work that I've been doing to get back on track has paid off.

But I hope you guys are lucky enough not to be an incredible drama queen like I am.  I know that I am back under my "red line".  And I think that is important to have a line.  But has anyone come up to me today and said "Wow!  You look so much thinner then you did last Tuesday!" (I weighed 122.0 that day).  Nope.  I'm quite sure that no one has noticed or cared.

Although I must admit that it was not as much the number on the scale that had me down, it was the out of control behavior that I was most stressed about.  Still the meltdown was not necessary, right?  I seem to have regained that control - like many of you predicted I would.  

What it goes to show is this - and I know some of you must be experiencing this.  If you fall - whether a little or a lot - scream, cry, panic but get back up.  It might not happen immediately.  It didn't with me.  I fell off, had a couple of good days, fell off again.  It took me some time to get myself back together.

But the point is you CAN get it back.  If I can, you can, too.  I feel confident today.  I can't promise what tomorrow will bring.  But let's go ahead and take this one day at a time.  It is October - a great month to put on a sweater and go for a walk.  8 weeks until Thankgiving - let's together practice good behavior until then, what do you say?


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