Saturday, October 5, 2013

Food versus exercise...

Marc and I went for a hike again today.  A much shorter and much easier hike then last weekend's travels, but still a nice long 7+ mile hike.  And I was thinking as we were walking about exercise and fitness.

When I was heavy, if you had asked me if I ever decided to make a lifestyle change which would be harder for me - controlling my food intake or exercising on a regular basis, without hesitation I would have answered exercise. 

There are no words to describe how much I hated exercising back then.   I mean HATED!!!  I wasn't always sedentary.  I played a lot outside as a kid and put tons of miles on my bike.  I also took tap dancing classes for 10 years.  And in 8th grade, I was on the swim team.  None of these things made me a super-athlete, but I was active.  And fat.  Yes, those things can exist together.
But as the years went on I became more lazy and sat on my ass all the time.  By the time I was in my mid-30's a very active day would mean taking the dogs on a 2 mile walk.  That would take me an hour.  Occasionally I would have spurts where I would be more adventurous and I even hiked a small mountain at that time in my life.  But this was rare.  I certainly was not an "exerciser".
So it is surprising to me now that working out - sweating, jumping, etc. - it's like 2nd nature.  During lunch today - after an hour long weight lifting session for both of us - I asked Marc what he wanted with the rest of the day.  Without hesitation he was looking for a trail for us to hike on.  Sitting on our asses around the house or wasting the day leisurely walking around the mall...?  Nope, that's not even on our radar any more.  An active lifestyle is what we live.
So I continue to wage war with food.  Cutting back, controlling portions, eating the right things?  Those are a daily and often frustrating and exhausting chore.  But exercising?  That, my friends, can become your best friend once you get in the habit!!

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