Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Non scale victory...

I know that I have mentioned non-scale victories (NSV) in the past.  But I find myself this week - in my never ending quest to stop defining myself by the scale - to remember some of the NSV's I've had along this journey.  Those are what are really important and they are easy to forget when we get caught up in the numbers game!

So what are some of the NSV's that I can think of?

  • Curing my sleep apnea!  For years I kept Marc awake with my snoring.  I would sleep 10 hours and wake up headachy and exhausted.  I was finally diagnosed with severe sleep apnea after having a sleep study done.  I was stopping breathing multiple times per night and my oxygen level was dropping during those times to a dangerously low 59%!  So I had to wear a mask and a machine every night in order to breathe.  In July, 2011, after losing about 140 pounds, I decided to try sleeping without the mask and machine.  Lo and behold, I started sleeping fantastically and restfully with NO SNORING!  The machine was packed in storage that day and hasn't seen the light since then!
  • Flying with no seat belt extender!  I don't fly a lot, but I used to ask for an aisle seat because then I could lift the arm rest and let some of my fat hang out into the aisle as to not sit on the person next to me.  I had to ask for a seat belt extender to fit around me.  I remember flying once sitting next to a very nice and very thin girl who offered to let me share her tray table when I couldn't put mine down because my stomach was so large!  I remember the first time that I flew without needing the extender.  And I had a window seat and didn't impose at all on the guy next to me!  In fact there was room to spare on the seat!  It felt awesome!
  • Buying a skirt in LARGE.  I have mentioned several times about how I had gotten so freaking fat that I couldn't buy clothes in stores - I had to shop at online "speciality stores".  Even in high school I was shopping in the "plus sized" section.  So I can CLEARLY remember the day I went into a store and automatically went to the plus sized section.  I tried on a few things and they were too big.  I bought a skirt that day - it was size large.  I ran out to the car and jumped in and yelled to Marc that I had just bought something that fit with NO FUCKING X in it at all!
  • The first time I ran for 8 minutes straight.  I've had a lot of fitness and running NSV moments.  But I can remember doing the run/walk program that I was doing and there was a large jump to having to run 8 minutes straight.  I KNEW I wouldn't be able to do it - and then I did!  It was so exciting - I was so proud of myself.
  • Being checked out.  I know this is HORRIBLY shallow.  But after my whole life being looked at by men with disgust or having them look straight through me, it felt great the first time a guy held open a door for me and I could totally tell he was checking me out.  DON'T JUDGE ME.
  • Being called an inspiration.  I didn't set out on this journey for any other purpose than to try to improve my life - in any small way.  The first time someone told me that they were trying to lose weight and I was their inspiration I was stunned, honestly.  But also humbled and proud.  
  • Marc picked me up!  And he didn't rupture anything!!  And he threw me on the bed - like something out of a movie.  I'd post more about this, but I have family that reads this blog!
  • The towel moment.  When I got out of the shower and HOLY FUCK!  I realized I could wrap the towel around my body with room to spare!!
  • I did a squat.  And suddenly realized that my knees didn't hurt!! I thought that I had permanently screwed them up.  Turns out as soon as I lost weight and built up extra muscle around them they were fine!
  • I have a lap!  The first time I had my nephew sit on my lap and realized - I HAVE A LAP.  Previously my belly covered it up and there wasn't room for even a small child!
So I've rambled on enough!  Even though there are a MILLION more wonderful things that have happened during and since the losing weight that had absolutely nothing to do with the specific number on the scale.

Please - share with me some of your NSV's!!!  And above else - celebrate those when you have them!


  1. Love this! Something WE need to think more about.

  2. "Marc picked me up! And he didn't rupture anything!! And he threw me on the bed - like something out of a movie. I'd post more about this, but I have family that reads this blog!"

    Haha I love it!

    I'm only 6 months into my journey and have "only" lost 45 pounds so far, (about 100 more to go! :() so I haven't have TOO many NSVs yet, but a couple that come to mind was the first time I was able to last on the elliptical for 30 minutes without stopping. This was a BIG goal of mine. I thought the elliptical was SO HARD and that I would NEVER be able to last 30 minutes on it. Well I did it and I did it on the same day that I hit twoderville (299) so that was a very exciting day for me! I now have an elliptical at home that I regularly use for 30 minutes+ as well as ride my bike, do work out videos or weights consecutively, AND I don't feel like curling up into a ball and passing out when I am finished!

    Another NSV that I had just last week: I am going on a cruise to Hawaii in January and I have no idea what I am going to wear because most of my summer clothes don't fit me any more and I can't exactly go out and by summer clothes in the winter in Canada. So when all of the summer stuff went on clearance a few months ago I picked up a pair of capris that I thought might fit me by January. I tried them on when I first got home and there was NO WAY I was getting them on. The other day I tried them on just for shits and giggles and THEY FIT! They were tight, but they fit. I couldn't believe it! Now I'm worried that I will outgrow them before January. lol It is kind of bittersweet having to get rid of my favourite clothes, but it's also fun (albeit expensive!) getting new clothes!

    Anyway, I enjoyed your list of NSVs and am looking forward to many more. I fly to Vegas next Thursday so I am curious to see how that goes...

    1. Yay Karen!!! Congrats on a fantastic loss so far and for arriving in twoderville! I love your capri NSV and I hope your flight is fantastic and that you are able to buckle yourself up without an extender. I bet you will!


  3. Those are all excellent NSVs!! And I've found that when I don't meet a scale goal on my timetable (I'm going to quit setting goal dates!!) I often have an NSV that backs me up!

    I had a goal to reach 50 lbs loss by Halloween. When I got on the scale yesterday I was about .5 lbs off. I was ssssoooooo close!! But even though I didn't quite make that goal, I was able to retire 3 more pairs of jeans and a pair of cargo pants. Just for giggles I tried on my "FAT PANTS" know, the pair that we all save from our highest weight. They were comically huge! I felt great in spite of not quite making the 50 lbs loss mark.

    1. .5 ain't NOTHING! I would claim your goal! Don't you LOOOVEEE when you try on the fat pants and they are huge??!!

      Congrats on your amazing success so far and look forward to many, many, many more NSV's!!