Thursday, October 31, 2013


I hope everyone has a fun day!  

My advice that if you are handing out Halloween candy - make sure that it is ALL GONE by the end of the night!!  Give every bit of it away!

If you are going out with your kids, have a plan to hide their candy!  Halloween candy is the worst - totally empty sugar filled calories.  And for some of us if we start - we can't stop.  So don't start!

Enjoy watching the cute costumes and don't blow your diet!


  1. I always make chili, cornbread, and a pumpkin-flavored desert for Halloween. This year I made pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing. I saved up enough calories to allow myself a piece of the cake in addition to one corn muffin. However, I was worried the Reese's Cups would call my name all night and I would be forced to eat one in honor of the holiday (ya know?). I was able to eat my meal, have my piece of cake, and then put the rest away. I gave out candy all night and we still have a bunch left, but I realized that I didn't really want that Reese's Cup as much as I thought I would. My son brought home a TON of candy and I still had some left over, so I brought a huge bag in to work that I will use to refill candy dishes in our reception area. That should make short work of the sugar and keep it off my butt!! HAHAHA!!

    1. Your Halloween meal sounds wonderful! I also had a huge struggle avoiding the Reese's Cup - Marc bought some even though we get ZERO trick or treaters GRRRRR.... But I claim victory this morning!


  2. We went out of left a big bowl on a chair outside our gate...sure it will be all gone when we get home Sat
    We went to Vegas I am waiting right now at my second opinion Doctor. About the back surgery!