Monday, September 30, 2013

Put me in coach....

Getting there.  I'm not in the game yet, but I'm standing on the sidelines, suited up, and ready to play.  I feel sane for the first time in a while.  The weekend was a rousing success.  After Saturday's hike, I got up on Sunday morning and was sore.  But I ran anyway.  I gave myself a bit of a break and only ran 10 miles.  That's a bit shorter then my typical Sunday run, but I figured it was okay after the mileage I put down last week.

From Sunday the 22nd - Sunday the 29th, I covered 72.2 miles!!!  That was 46.5 running, 9.2 walking and, of course, 16.6 hiking.  Phew!

I ate really well, too.  Usually that much exercise leaves me feeling justified in eating too much or the wrong stuff.  But not this weekend.  I was pretty vigilant, yet I didn't deprive myself, either.  After running yesterday I weighed myself and my weight was way down.  I knew that it was an artificial low - as I've mentioned, I always drop weight after a run, but it felt great to see numbers in the teens again.  I was 116.7.

We spent yesterday putting all the summer decorations away.  Geez - it feels like I just got them out!  I hate to see summer come to an end, but getting the yard cleaned up and ready for fall feels like an accomplishment.  

This morning, I shot back up to 120.2.  Some of that must be from DOMS and retaining water.  Geez, I'm pretty fit, but I have some achy spots from hiking.  I was carrying a backpack and feel it in my shoulders.  And my hamstrings are sore, too - I think climbing up and down rocks did that.  

I wasn't sure where I would be mentally this morning - it's one thing to feel good on the weekends, but getting back into the groove on a Monday morning is another!  But I'm happy to report that my feeling of calmness and being in control is still here.  I'm not having any urges to eat uncontrollably.  I still feel a little shaky - the last couple of weeks have done a number on me mentally.  But I **think** I'm getting back on track.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me and encouraging me when times were tough.  I mean that!  This is a good way to end the month.  If any of you have been struggling like I have, I hope you are getting back on track, too!  Tomorrow a new month starts - what a perfect time to get back in the game!!

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