Friday, October 18, 2013

Spot Reduction....

I get asked all the time - "How do I get rid of my belly?" or "I need you to give me exercises to get rid of these 'bat wings'!" or "How do I keep my boobs while losing weight elsewhere?"

Here it is people - YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE.  I repeat YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE, PERIOD.  So all these fad diets or fad pills that tell you that you can burn all the fat off your stomach or ass or that you can do 12 sit-up per night and have a 6 pack abs are completely 100% false.

Where you gain and lose weight on your body is not your choice.  It is determined largely by genetics.  If you were once thin, think about where it first started showing up when you started gaining weight.  That's the last place you will lose it from.  Where it most recently started being noticeable will be the first place that it goes as you lose weight.

And weight loss primarily comes from eating less.  Have you ever heard the phrase "Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!"?  Totally true.

Now I've spoken millions of times about the benfits of exercise.  And here's what exercise can do - it can tone up the muscle so that things look better under the fat.  But if you have excess fat, you are still going to have a tummy and bat wings no matter how many exercises you do.  You can do every ab exercise in the book and it will not give you a toned tummy if you have excess body fat.

Yup, it sucks.  And you can't hold on to your wonderful boobies if that's where your body wants to lose it.  Boobs are mostly fat tissue so for most women when they start losing weight those babies are the first to go.  In contrast, we have genetically evolved as women to hold fat in our abdomen.  So usually that is the last place you will lose weight.  

Some people are thin but with chubby cheeks, some people are fat but have almost no "bat wings" (that was me), some people are hourglass shaped proportionally at every size and some people are pears even when they are thin.  Then add in extra skin and you never know what you are going to look like until you get there.

So rather then worry about certain body parts, you should get your weight to a level where you are happy and work on exercising for overall fitness.  Be happy with the body you end up with - it's not going to be perfect from your point of view - but it's going to be pretty great!

NOT from spot reduction


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