Friday, October 25, 2013

I am an addict!!!

Nope!  This is not what you think!  I have become addicted to.....CLOTHES!!

Yup.  I used to hate hate hate shopping for clothes.  Of course, at some point I had become so fat that most of my clothes were bought off of the internet because I couldn't find my size in stores.  And most things didn't fit right because despite my HUGE stomach and lower half, my boobs have always been small.  So, if I bought a suit or set, things HUNG on top and were tight on bottom.

So for the most part now I am wearing an extra small.  And that means that my size is on sale a lot.  It is such a stupid way to think, but if I can get a dress that was once $70 for $8 I feel like I HAVE to buy it!

I don't really need any more new clothes - I've gotten fantastic clothes from my aunt, my sister in law, and Marc's niece that they no longer need/want.  But I see these deals and I MUST buy them!!  

[Enter JUSTIFY mode] - I have 3 dresses coming from Kohl's.  Between the markdowns and the 30% off coupon, I paid $25.00 saving $190.00!!  I mean - who could turn that down??


Any other shopping addicts out there?


  1. Jennifer, I must admit that I am a clothesaholic as well. I have a very hard time passing up the good deals like you have found, and this time of the year all the retail stores have been sending me coupons for $5,
    $10 or 20% off and I just can't resist. I showed your mother my closet this summer and it is full, full, full and I still keep on buying. The worst part about that is that for the most part, I have worn the same size forever and I don't like to get rid of anything. I am also bad about wanting to have at least one or two new things in my closet, just in case. Anyway, if anything happens to me, you better find a way to get down here and you will have a whole new wardrobe. You are the only one who can wear the small sizes and are short enough for them to fit properly. Have a great day!

    1. Ah ha! I knew I got it from someone because it certainly isn't mom! At least we are both bargain shoppers so we're not breaking the bank!!
      love you!

  2. Yup......My name is Gayle and I am a clothes addict...NOW ! Same thing as you use to hate it...Bout 2 shirts today 90% off...1.27 less then thrift store!

    1. Not just an addict, but another bargain hunter!! I love it!!