Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The bad habit I can't break...

I have changed so much in my life during this journey.  This includes many terrible habits that I had.  But there is one habit that I know is totally and completely destructive that I just cannot STOP.  It is:


Yup.  I am constantly comparing myself to other people.  And using that comparison to "prove" how much worse I am then other people.  

When I was going through my bad spot last week, I pulled up the BMI calculator.  Now I know that BMI is a loose and general guideline for populations.  It is not for defining a single person's fitness.  And if any of you  were to ask me about BMI, that's what I would tell you.

Despite that, I systematically went through some of the people on the weight loss site that I am on - specifically those that have already hit their goal weight - and calculated what their BMI is.  And, when I ran across someone whose BMI is lower then mine, that became - in my mind - proof positive that I was a fat loser.

Now I was going through a rough patch, and I'm not that crazy all the time, but I am terrible about comparing myself to other people.  I always find that most people are smarter, richer, thinner, prettier, faster, fitter, and all around better than me in some way.  

This is totally unhealthy and unproductive in any part of this journey.  But knowing that doesn't make me stop doing it.  I truly admire people who can focus only on being better then they were yesterday instead of worrying about what other people are or are not doing.    

This quote is so true because there will ALWAYS be someone you compare yourself to that you can use to denegrate yourself.  Now why can't I get that through my thick skull???


  1. When you do maybe you can assisit me in getting it through mine??!!!

    1. Well......since you're one of the ones that I compare myself to....

      ;))) Jen