Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lather, rinse, repeat...

That's a bit how I've been feeling.  I wouldn't exactly say that I am stuck in a rut, but I'm kind of feeling like - so....what's next?

I have devoted the last 3.5 years of my life to thinking about my weight constantly and what I need to do to lose and then maintain it.  That is combined with my fitness goals of running and weight lifting.  And I feel a little like I don't know where to go from here.

It's not a sad thing - there is a certain peace and safety having a routine.  But as we were working out this morning I was thinking that I was starting Saturday like I do most Saturdays - being in our workout room and working my lats, delts and biceps.  I'm pretty happy with my muscles - I have no desire to get much bigger and it would take a devotion that I'm not willing to commit to - like upping calories, counting macros and decreasing cardio.

And speaking of running?  It's going well.  I feel good running more days then not.  I am able to cover long distances on Sunday.  I have no desire to put in the training time to run a marathon.  I could probably do it if I wanted to devote the time and hours but I don't.  I could get faster probably if I started doing hill runs and speedwork, but I HATTTTEEE speedwork and feel no pressing desire to get much faster.  I'm not and will never be a competitive runner.

And my weight?  Holding pretty steady at 119-120.  Reallllllly steady.  And that's a couple of pounds higher then I would like.  But right this minute I don't have the desire to buckle down just to lose a couple of pounds.

So it's just kind of - here we are....  I'm not sure whether I should enjoy the complacency I feel at the moment or if I should be scared of it.  Complacency can by incredibly dangerous.  And is complacency really the right word to use here? 
But after 3 years of driving and questioning and intense emotional upheaval, maybe I should just chill out and let it take its course.

OR, maybe I need some new life goals....

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