Monday, August 10, 2015

Time, priorities, balance…

Where the hell does the time go??  Seriously, I feel like 5 minutes ago it was Friday evening and here we are back at a Monday!

After a great week, I had a not so great weekend as far as my eating goes.  Sigh...

I keep struggling to find balance.  Yesterday Marc and I went for a very long bike ride.  It was a gorgeous day.  But I got home and I thought that I maybe I could have - should have - used those 3 hours we were biking for something more productive.

Like weeding the garden, or cleaning the bathrooms, or scrubbing the kitchen or cleaning out the closet or another 1 million things that I always know I have to do and don’t...

It's all about priorities.  I can't seem to get motivated to do chores at all.  Much like I can't – WON’T - stay disciplined with my eating.

I don't know there is a "right" answer.  I feel this guilt, and yet… I went to calling hours tonight for a man who I cared an awful lot for.  As I saw him laying there in the casket and as I was talking with his wife and family – it was the old adage of who gives a shit how well his lawn was mowed or how clean his house was?  The most important thing is to do what you love in this life because you can never ever get the time back. 

So part of me is like FUCK IT - do what you find fun, not what you should do.

But we can't live our lives exclusively like that, now can we???  I can’t eat whatever I want all the time or not clean my house or spend money like a wild woman.  I’ll end up really fat, really dirty and really broke.  And that would suck, too.

But going for a bike ride on a beautiful August afternoon instead of cleaning the bathroom?  That may be an okay waste of time…


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