Thursday, August 6, 2015

In the zone...

Sometimes professional athletes have times when they are inexplicably just ON POINT.  It's like they can't go wrong.  The basketball player who makes every single shot or the quarterback that nails his wide receiver repeatedly, or the golfer that hits the ball perfectly.

Experts have studied this phenomenon of being in the zone and can document that it exists.  But what they can't say is why it happens when it happens and when and why it goes away.  It transcends training and logic and can't be quantified.

This week, I've been in the zone!  Suddenly and without warning Fat Jen has taken a vacay, leaving Thin Jen calmly in charge.  I've eaten so well all week.  I haven't had even a TASTE of peanut butter.   No simple feat in my world!!  My calories have been low but I haven't been hungry.

And fitness?  I've run 20 miles so far this week.  I've biked and lifted weights - I've been sore, buy GOOD sore.  Not this sucks I hurt sore.

It's been easy.  I mean it hasn’t been EASY, but it hasn't been incredibly hard either.  I haven't felt this calm and in control in MONTHS.

So why now?  I have no freaking idea!  Well then, how long will it last?  I have no freaking idea!! 

But tomorrow is Friday and that's typically when the urge to get crazy, to start chowing down begins.  I have a healthy lunch packed and dinner is planned.  So rather then waiting for the other shoe to drop, maybe I should just ride this wave and enjoy.  
If in were smart I would take this opportunity to face the music and weigh myself...

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