Monday, August 31, 2015

Lisa’s story…

Lisa agreed to share her story here.  She is a shining example of how you don’t have to lose a ton of weight to make a massive difference in your health and well being. 


My name is Lisa and I live in Athens, Ontario, Canada.

If you were told you could change your health simply by eating, would you? You bet and I did. I was diagnosed in my mid 30’s with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My weight started to steadily climb over the years. I wasn’t what you call obese, but each year, I was packing on a few pounds. I thought I ate ‘somewhat’ healthy and tried to change. I bought every diet book out there as well as work out videos. Why wasn’t it working? I was 52 years old and at my heaviest weight of 156.4 pounds. I know that doesn’t sound fat or big, but it was for me as I am only 5’2”. I had started running and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight. That’s when I met my nutritionist/personal trainer/life coach angel who changed my life.

I did a 12 week personalized meal plan and was amazed at my results. There wasn’t a whole lot of weight loss, however, inches began to fall off. My starting numbers, Weight = 156.6 lbs., Body Age = 61 years old, (I was 52 at the time) Body Fat = 47% (what?) Muscle = 21.1%(no wonder I can barely lift 2 lbs.) Visceral Fat = 10 lbs., Physique Rate = 2, Water = 45.1%.

After 12 weeks, my results were … Weight = 137 lbs., Body Age = 55 years old, (that’s a little better) Body Fat = 37.8%, (could be better) Muscle = 23.8%, (could be better) Visceral Fat = 7 lbs., Physique Rate = 2 (still?) Water = 47.1%.

So, after 12 weeks, I decided to just keep going. I continued to follow the plan of eating REAL food and exercising. After the second plan just 6 months later, I went to my nurse practitioner to discuss going off my medications. She said my family history put me at risk and that I needed to be on them. I argued the fact that perhaps the family history is the result of a not so good diet. She agreed to temporarily take me off them for 8 weeks at which time my blood work results would prove her theory. Well she was flabbergasted with my results. My end results were Weight = 126.4 lbs., Body Age = 33 years old (now that’s better) Body Fat = 28.7% ( I still think I could do better) Muscle = 87 lbs., Visceral Fat = 6 lbs., Physique Rate = 5, Water = 53%.

So, what can a healthy diet change and a little exercise do for one’s health? It can give you the best gift….the gift of good health! I am proud to say I am now 55 years old and have maintained my weight for well over a year and a half now with no intentions of going back. I still continue to follow my endless choices of REAL food and have eliminated processed, packaged, and high fat foods. I exercise as best I can, by doing cardio and a little strength training here and there.

My message to anyone is that if you want to change, YOU are in charge and no one can do it but you. Find motivation and inspiration where ever you can and it’s never too late to become a better version of YOU. In the end, it’s all about good health and life is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted. This famous quote is what keeps me motivated…..“Food is Thy Medicine”. Do it for YOU!

Lisa Runham



Thank you Lisa, so much for sharing an incredibly inspirational story!!  I know that I am guilty at times of worrying so much about what I look like I forget that this should really be about how I feel and how healthy I am.

And, by the way, you look AMAZING! 

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  1. Lisa is a great friend of mine. I always say she is so dedicated to her health style..
    EAT to LIVE not LIVE to EAT. She is an inspiration to all she works with! I'm so proud and envious at the same time. I wish I had Lisa drive and control. I was on the path, but got on a detour! All her coworkers know her dedication to eating healthy. Sometimes they, and I joke about it to her. LISA YOUR A REAL my eyes, and I hope you know how much I love you as a friend! Ps..I can't help my jokes sometime! Don't take me seriously😊😀😃