Friday, August 28, 2015

Owl’s Head Mountain

I love the Adirondack Mountains!  We have climbed a few, but have not climbed one yet this year.  When I decided to take a long weekend, I suggested to Marc that we get up early today and travel to Long Lake, NY – about 2 1/2 hours from us to climb Owl’s Head Mountain.

So bright and early we were up and on our way.  We arrived at the trailhead and packed up our backpacks and we were ready to go!


The first .25 miles was a gentle but steady uphill climb.  It then leveled off and we had a nice walk through the extremely quiet woods.  We had signed in at the trailhead and saw that no one else was climbing yet, so the boys were free to be off leash, which they love and it definitely makes  it easier for all of us when it gets steep to climb!

It was a well worn and well marked trail that was completely maintained so it made for such an enjoyable hike!  The weather was nearly perfect for hiking – around 70 degrees, mostly sunny and low humidity.

Around 2 miles in, the trail changed from gentle to a more aggressive uphill climb and that’s when the cardio challenge kicked in!

Although the pics don’t really show how difficult it was in spots, there we times when Marc would have to climb up a sheer rockface and then I would send the dogs one at a time where Marc would grab their collars while I made sure they didn’t fall and once they were up, I would climb up as well.  The boys did SO GREAT – they listened and cooperated and made it easy for us to hike with them.



This went on for a good .75 miles.  It was definitely a challenge!  Then the ground leveled off until the short push to the summit.

We arrived at the top and the view – as it always is – was STUNNING.  This summit has a fire tower at the top.


I climbed up and got some pics, including one of Marc at the base.

































We were up there a while and had the great luck of being the only ones there as we sat on the rocks in the sun and enjoyed a leisurely lunch while DOZENS of dragonflies flew around us.











We then packed everything up – putting on our now much lighter backpacks and began the easier trip down.  The climb down a mountain is always much easier cardio wise, but you have to be really careful about your footing as even a small slip could injure you badly.

I fell once, but it was solidly on my left ass cheek where there was plenty of padding!


I hopped up on a large rock to pose.  Marc showed the boys where to go, because they can be reckless and think they can just leap off the rocks.













We we encountered a few people heading down, some of who looked BEAT even a short ways in.  I told them the view from the summit was totally worth it.

Safely back at the car, we made the long trip home – making a short pitstop for a post hike treat!











All in all – a fantastic, relaxing day with some great views.  We will all sleep well tonight!

Hope you enjoyed reading about our trip!

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  1. Beautiful day! But when I read that the first 25 miles were a gentle uphill, I had to wonder how far you hiked??? Oh .. that was POINT 25! Better!!