Sunday, August 23, 2015

Like sand through an hourglass...

No I'm not talking soap operas!  I'm talking summer.  I have this sense of fear and anger and desperation as we enter the last full week of August.

Everyone it seems is gearing for fall.  Pumpkin recipes are multiplying like rabbits on Facebook.  Football season is squarely in pre-season with the regular season ohsoclose to starting.  People I know who are teachers are whining about going back to work!  Hoodies, apple cider, leaves changing - they fill many people with happiness.

Not me.  Fall for me signifies the inevitable arrival of a long, cold, miserable, depressing winter.

So this weekend I spent as much time soaking in the last bits of summer that I can.  This meant hiking and swimming yesterday.  Today I set a personal record.  Marc and I biked north of us to the very busy vacation town of Clayton.  From there we rode along the river to another "river town" as we call them around here - of Cape Vincent.  Then it was back home for a total of 57 miles.  

I might sleep well tonight!  

So I am hoping soaking up sun and charging those endorphins gives me some perspective.  And if anyone has any suggestions on how to change my rotten attitude towards fall coming - I'm all ears!!!

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