Thursday, August 13, 2015

Karma x2

Robin Williams hanged himself a year ago.  I was thinking about all the pain he had to have been in for days, weeks, months, YEARS? that brought him to point that he felt this was his only option.  If you've never felt the level of desperation where suicide seems like the most reasonable solution consider yourself lucky.

I've known people who have killed themselves and I have asked myself - as I'm sure Robin Williams' friends and family have asked themselves many times - if there was anything I could have done or said that would have prevented them from taking their own lives.

As this has been on my mind, on my Phat to Phabulous Facebook page, I challenged people to reach out to someone today and offer a compliment.  You never know when a kind word could change a person's outlook.

I myself went out of my way to compliment some people this morning - it feels pretty fucking good by the way!  A late meeting made me decide not to run at lunch but I did get in a quick power walk.  During my walk I passed this young guy I've never seen before.  He started to walk by me and then turned around and stopped me.

He told me that he just "had to" tell me how beautiful my hair is.  He said that the color looks amazing on me and I just look fantastic.  It was a little odd, but he wasn't creepy and didn't seem to have any other agenda as he wished me a good day and headed off.

I laughed to myself as I finished up my walk.  I decided that this was clearly KARMA showing up - I mean what are the chances of a stranger stopping to compliment me on the very day I encouraged people to offer random compliments??!!  I mean it's not like this happens on a daily basis!

So I get back to work and here is a former client.  He recently got out of prison and he was there for a meeting.  He sees me, gets a HORRIFIED look on his face and the very first thing he says to me is "What THE FUCK did you do to your hair??!!" 

Karma giveth and karma taketh away!!  LMAO

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